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Promoting Radiant Health

James Cares About You

Since 1995



My Passion 

I care about my patients.  My goal is to promote your radiant health; helping you feel more energetic, calm and joyful.  Traditional Chinese Medicine balances the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of your being.  I treat acute disorders such as pain and trauma, and infections; however Chinese medicine is unsurpassed at treating chronic and difficult conditions.  My greatest passion is herbal medicine.  Herbal medicine is more versatile than acupuncture.  I recommend herbal medicine and allow clients to come for acupuncture and massage as needed.  If a condition is acute then acupuncture is used to address any pain. This strategy keeps client costs at a minimum.  My office is a comfortable environment.

Conditions Treated

I treat patients for most conditions.  Specialties include pain management, gynecology, internal medicine, dermatology, and emotional disorders.  Traditional Chinese medicine is unsurpassed for chronic conditions where western medicine may not be achieving a good result or medications are not tolerated well.  I offer preventative and holistic medicine; can boost a person's immune system, energy and overall feeling of wellness.  You get relief of your chief complaint, you feel better overall, and your benefit is long lasting.

Custom Herbal Prescriptions

I stock high quality 5:1 concentrated herbal extracts, create custom formulas for my patients and make modifications as needed. If you need a particular herb used in traditional Chinese medicine I probably have it or can get it.

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Family Medical Practice
Custom Herbal RX
In Whitefish Montana
Near Kalispell and Columbia Falls
in North Flathead County


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Acupuncture and Herbal Rx
 202 6th Street West * Whitefish, MT * USA * 59937
Phone: (406) 270-7467 * james@acupunctureandherbalrx.com
Near Columbia Falls and Kalispell in the Flathead Valley

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