Acupuncture Benefits Everyone

Most people who try traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) adopt it as a permanent part of their healthcare because it is uniquely able to not only reduce pain, it can improve your health and leave you feeling well.

Acupuncture is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has become very popular with over 10 million people receiving treatment in the USA each year. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on recognition that the body communicates through meridians which connect all areas and organs of the body. If communication is obstructed, pain and disease result. Acupuncture restores function and balance in the system. The causes of obstruction can be physical, emotional, or other factors outside of ourselves.

What does acupuncture and TCM treat? The good news is that it treats people for all conditions, excluding true emergencies. This is usually performed in conjunction with your regular medical care.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are exceptionally effective at treating chronic medical conditions because they strengthen and nourish. This is invaluable in treating recurring infections such as herpes/ shingles. TCM can help reduce the need for stronger medications thereby avoiding possible side effects.

Some benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine:

  • Acupuncture relaxes the nerves to reduce stress, physical tension, encourages calmness and restful sleep. Those feeling mental and emotional discomfort can especially benefit. The body is better able to refresh itself. Patients feel increased vitality, clarity of mind and experience a stronger immune system following treatment.
  • Most people think of acupuncture to reduce pain, especially musculoskeletal pain. Conditions of chronic pain respond well to acupuncture. Usually patients have tried many other treatments, without benefit, before coming to acupuncture and still most receive pain relief.
  • TCM boosts the immune system allowing those weakened, such as by autoimmune disease, to regain strength and wellness. Commonly those with recurring colds and viruses, infections, respiratory conditions, and allergies benefit. It is helpful to have treatment even when feeling well, to strengthen the body and prevent recurring infections.
  • Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help regulate and improve digestive issues, which affect all aspects of health.
  • Menstruation and menopause are also effectively treated addressing the causes and providing symptomatic relief with acupuncture and TCM. Experience shows how powerful and effective TCM is to treat these conditions.
  • TCM is great preventative medicine. After acute problems are addressed, corrective care is initiated to treat the cause. Maintenance care is continued monthly or seasonally to maintain wellness and prevent disease. The benefits of preventative care are a feeling of wellness and consistent physical health.

We offer complimentary 15 minute consultations allowing you to learn how you can benefit and have your questions answered.

We offer multiple options for stress reduction and health maintenance. One of our services is Community Acupuncture, where we offer auricular (ear) treatment using seeds, instead of needles, for weight loss, support to stop smoking, and stress relief. Acupuncture and TCM is a gift option for those dear to you.