Auricular Acupuncture

Have you heard about auricular, or ear acupuncture? The auricle is the part of the ear that is on the outside of the body. How could acupuncture to an ear be helpful? Auricular acupuncture is a microsystem which allows for treatment of the whole body by stimulating the ear. The ear is also used as a diagnostic tool. By inspecting the condition of the ear, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner is able to identify conditions of dis-ease in an individual. One’s ears reflect one’s health. A positive aspect of auricular acupuncture is that needles are not necessary for this treatment!  Seeds are placed on points to be treated and held there by a piece of tape. The seeds can remain in place for 3-5 days.


This type of acupuncture has been used for over 3,000 years. Ancient physicians noticed the Health conditions of internal organs can be judged by the location, shape, size, and color of the ear.


Since 1959-2001 there have been 1300 research papers and reports. Millions of patients are treated daily with auricular therapy for physical, functional, emotional, mental, and other problems. Auricular treatment is a combined practice of Eastern and Western medicine, scientifically based and internationally recognized. It is not a specialist treatment; it is holistic.

Some of the many benefits of Ear Seeds:

  • There are no side effects
  • It is cost effective
  • It is immediately effective
  • It is an independent practice of diagnosis and treatment
  • It can be combined with other therapies
  • It does not interfere with any medication
  • It does not rely on patient information or other testing
  • It can show the past, present and predict future issues
  • It has more applications than standard acupuncture
  • It can treat all the body (not limited by body position during treatment)
  • Treatments treat pain and prevent disease

More people are discovering auricular acupuncture each day and enjoying the benefits. This therapy can be added to what you are doing for greater benefit. Imagine the possibilities.