Health care providers see patients becoming sicker each year and wonder why. Younger patients are becoming sick, often having multiple diseases and being on multiple medications. There is science which proves that increasing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), such as with cell phones, microwaves, WI-FI, smart meters etc..., which can contribute to our decreasing levels of health. EMF’s are one factor out of many that contribute to overall health in general.


Science indicates that the FCC guidelines for the protection of human health in relation to EMF exposure are inadequate.

  • Federal guidelines were set high in the 1960’s to allow for military uses during the cold war

Guidelines are based on the concept of the body being heated by exposure. Science shows this does not account for adverse health effects from longer exposure times.

  • The guidelines have not been updated since the 1960’s and industry has not performed studies to verify safety of EMF exposures.
  • Guidelines are not relevant for current exposure levels over long periods of time.


Studies going as far back as 1971 show adverse effects such as:

  • Psychological disorders: depression, anxiety, hallucinations, irritability, insomnia, memory loss, headaches.
  • Other EMF effects: DNA damage, blood brain barrier leakage, cell membrane leakage, calcium channel issues, eye damage, cataracts, corneal damage.
  • Immune system effects: hormone and nervous system effects.
  • Bacterial effects: antibiotic resistance, decrease resistance to superbug MRSA infections.
  • Certain electrical fields cause many diseases in many different parts of the body.


Several Red-Flag presentations are listed here and may be associated with long term use of cell phones and other technologies:

  • Young adults with signs of dementia or cognition and memory problems combined with low blood pressure causing dizziness when standing.
  • Younger children with extreme moodiness and blood pressure issues.
  • Anyone with serious medical conditions, dementia or autoimmune diseases who is exposed to high levels of EMF’s.


Increasing exposure from additional cell phone towers, newer technologies such as 5G phone service, are becoming difficult to avoid. This additional exposure puts all people at risk including pregnant women, children, people with chronic conditions, the elderly. All humans are affected by EMF field exposure, some more than others.  Children are more vulnerable as their skull is more permeable than an adult’s and a cell phone is closer to their brain in general.


Helpful solutions to limit EMF exposure

  • Consider an evaluation of your home or place of work for EMF’s. Ask for advice on preventing harmful exposures to EMF’s.
  • Limit your exposure to see if your health problem improves which may help identify if EMF’s are a contributing factor.
  • Purchase a meter to check for harmful fields. Learn about other harmful fields: electric, magnetic, microwaves, dirty electricity (improperly installed wiring and grounding systems), radio frequencies. Read safety information coming with your electronic devices.
  • Use hard wired connections when possible instead of WIFI.
  • At night turn off WIFI, put phones on airplane mode and turn off electrical circuits to sleeping areas if strong electrical fields are present.
  • Request schools use fiber optics instead of WIFI. Cell tower transmitters should not be located on school property as proximity to transmitters increases exposure to EMF’s.
  • Use speaker phones or air tube headsets.
  • Turn off other antennas not being used. Turn off WIFI, Bluetooth, Data and other services on your devices not currently being used. Turn off WIFI on your printer if you can.
  • Stay further away from any type of cell phone towers.


Source: 5G Summit Worldwide call to action interview of internal medicine physician Dr. Sharon Golberg, MD.