What Do Our Clients Say?

I am a physical + massage Therapist. I suffered for 6 months with elbow tendonitis from playing hockey. After 1 visit I improved 85%.

GiGi Rappaport

Whitefish, MT

No one could help me until I met James. My feet and ankles were swollen, red, itchy, with sores oozing puss. In a week the sores were gone. After 4 treatments and herbs my feet were 90% normal .

McGregor Rhodes

Kalispell MT

I had a cough for 4 years. I had seen pulmonologists, Head & Neck, ENT, Allergist, and my primary MD. After Acupuncture and Herbal Rx from James, discontinuing prescriptions and flushing my sinuses I am almost totally recovered.

Maureen VanWestrop

After one session of acupuncture with James the sharp pain was reduced to a dull ache. After another session the pain was almost completely gone. I was back to running. I was amazed how well it worked. I was so happy to be able to run again, something that has always been a part of my life.

Amy Hooks

Whitefish Montana

I am a consultant and negotiator for U.S. companies in China and Taiwan. When I travel I see the best Chinese doctors and get great massages; however I always look forward to seeing James. James does massage as I want it, while incorporating hot packs and acupuncture. The treatments relieve pain and ease my stress.

Linda Liu

Poway California

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to get surgery and reconstruction in Kalispell. I was impressed at how carefully he took my pulses, other diagnostics as well as his intuitive care, he treated me more as an individual than any other acupuncturist I had seen. When I thought about surgery, my chest got tight and I had a hard time breathing into my belly but after taking the herbs, my chest was open and able to intake all available oxygen. After surgery, I continued to be treated with acupuncture and herbs and my healing has been well ahead of schedule. I am so grateful for James's careful treatment and attention to treating me as an individual. I would recommend him for anyone dealing with a serious health issue.

Amy Bullard

Bozeman Montana

I don't know what would have happened to me if I had not met James Madison! I had a chronic lung condition (had pneumonia several times in the past), high blood pressure, lack of energy, and many other issues. I am allergic to most commercial drugs, and I really do not choose to deal with the typical side effects that follow conventional medical approaches. James worked patiently and diligently with me, and my conditions gradually improved and stabilized. James is very thorough and conscientious, and always took the time to answer my questions.

Jo Ann Dennis

Poway, CA

Thank you for your help in clearing my skin conditions. With your treatments and herbs, my symptoms have almost completely disappeared, which has never happened with conventional treatment. My skin rashes are gone, and my rosacea is almost nonexistent. You have always been kind and thorough and thoughtful.

Diana Sisson

oway CA

I was a patient of James Madison for 10 years. I suffered from neck and shoulder pain due to automotive accidents. After years of chiropractic I switched to acupuncture/massage. The acupuncture treatments restored my energy and got to the root of the injuries. A prevention I would see James every few months for massage. James always provided the best treatments.

Diane Gifford

San Diego, CA

I first went to James for a chronic back problem that I'd had for 17 years. His care caused my back to become much stronger. An unexpected blessing is that, in the way he treats you as a whole person, and his skills, as well as helping my back, brought about a definite rise in the level of my total health.

Cynthia Soller

Borrego Springs, California