Why Traditional Chinese Medicine is Gaining Popularity

Because so many people are not focused on improving health or practicing preventative medicine, when they develop health problems, they go to a Western trained MD for care. That is exactly what they should do. That way they receive medicine or treatment to quickly stabilize their condition and can be screened for other medical problems which may be present. The beauty of Western medicine is acute care and diagnostics.

These days many people are not comfortable with ongoing pharmaceutical treatment as they are concerned about side effects and may be feeling the need to improve their health. At this point some do not want continually increased amounts of medication. They may want to change their lifestyle, improve their health, to avoid a continuing decline in quality of life.

Many take medications to control pain or mask symptoms. Pain medications can decrease mental focus, negatively impact digestion, affect the ability to drive safely or have other undesirable effects. Recently the government has set new guidelines to regulate the more powerful medications. Those affected, many of whom do not want the medications, are then forced to seek other healthcare options.

All medication is based on bottom-up treatments (microcosmic; based on smaller parts of anatomy and physiology) which cause many unwanted effects. This is reflected in the belief of molecular biology that RNA copies DNA to produce proteins. Modern science reveals we are more complex.

Physics, engineering, and, neuroscience, explore models at higher levels of organization (macrocosmic). In exploring how a cell can become an embryo, the dynamic regulation of pattern formation and regeneration require understanding of how cells cooperate to go from a single cell to an entire human being. We know now, bioelectric fields interact with substances which influence cells during tissue development. This ‘growth control system’ from various organizing centers, continues to have regulation functions after the body is grown. Internal electrical fields store non-genetic patterning information.

Beyond the nerve and hormone theories, the growth control model (which includes nerve function), suggests that a macroscopic growth control system originates in the cell at conception and is important in the formation, ongoing maintenance, and regulation of all physiological systems.

Several phenomena of acupuncture such as the location of acupuncture points in the ear, the long-term benefits of acupuncture, and the effects of stimulation at acupuncture points are consistent with the growth control model. This implies treating health issues at the macroscopic level, which is where the guiding instructions for the body originate, produce lasting benefit with few side effects. This is confirmed by research in both acupuncture and conventional biomedical science.

Organizing points in the body have high electrical conductance, high current density, a high density if nerve junctions, may coincide with boundaries between muscles, and connective tissue planes. Typically, these are acupuncture points as well.

The fascia system is considered another body system, it connects various muscles and all parts of the body. Current research shows that there is a communication in the fascia where small water and light particles align along collagen fibers, providing communication independent of nerves. When acupuncture needles are stimulated, they grasp collagen fibers and affect this communication system.

Another communication system independent of nerve signaling is initiated through purines. After injury of tissues, purines along with other growth factors, stimulate cells involved in wound healing.  Purines are also morphogens which affect early cell development. Acupuncture triggers release of ATP/adenosine (ATP enables energy transfer between cells) affecting a wide range of clinical areas. ATP binds to nerve receptors signaling the spinal cord and brain modulating pain, regulating digestive and cardiovascular function. ATP and adenosine start a cascade of biochemical events that affect all tissues and body systems.

Acupuncture points and channels coincide with morphogenic regulators, affecting self-regulation at the birth control patterning level achieving long term effects in healing. Unlike putting a chemical into the system, acupuncture inputs mechanical stress, communicating with the whole three-dimensional organization fields or systems. The rate of healing increases as the signal for healing increases.

The space between our cells under our skin is like a battery which is charged by light and warmth, especially infra-red light which produces energy we need and enables a multitude of necessary chemical processes. Moxa or far infra-red heat is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and affects these various systems in a complimentary way. Massage to acupuncture points and other tissues also creates the stimulus to wake up the body’s intelligence.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the whole person, mental, emotional, and physical. It is a powerful tool which helps improves the internal environment within the body and helps process toxins from our external environment, improving health and quality of life.